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Custom Die Cutting

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Custom die-cutting services are at the core of our business as a custom converter. We are able to manufacture everything from catheter parts to nipple protectors with the same process. If you’re not sure whether die-cutting is right for your product, contact us. We’d be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Our customers have asked us to cut designs in a diverse selection of materials - foams, metals, films, even fabric. We have the ability to obtain custom dies in nearly any shape or size that you might want to use. See our capabilities page for more details or contact us directly for more details.

This service is one of the ways we operate as a 3M Select Converter. We obtain specialty products from 3M. We then custom die-cut those adhesive strips or tapes to our customers’ specifications. If you need the best raw materials cut to the finest specifications, Custom Converting is who you need to call.

Remember – “Quality is in our DNA!”

Custom Die Cutting Terms:

    •Fully die cut parts are parts which have been cut through all the layers of the product. These include items like pasties, face-shields, and diagnostic testing sticks. As a custom manufacturer, we’re prepared to work with nearly any material to create an astounding variety of products.
    •Kiss cutting services are also available. Kiss cutting is a die cutting operation that cuts the shape through all the layers of your product except the backing layer. Typical kiss-cut parts might look like topical patches or labels.

How does Custom Die Cutting work?

Custom die cutting can be compared to the process of cutting out cookies. The die is the cookie cutter. The dough is the material you’d like cut. (Regrettably, the scraps can’t be re-rolled into more cookies! Waste is a factor in the decisions you make in regards to the size and shape of your desired product.) When the die cuts your material, you are left with your desired product, in whatever shape and size you desire.

A more technical description: “Die-cutting is used in manufacturing a variety of items by cutting components quickly and efficiently, with [a consistent] cut every time. In manufacturing processes, large industrial-strength die cutting machines are usually used to speed up the process and withstand the constant pressures of a heavy workload." That’s us! We have machines capable of cutting millions of parts.

Industries Served by our Custom Die Cutting Solutions

    •Medical Device Die Cutting includes products such as face shields, insoles, catheters, wound-healing equipment, and topical patches.
    •Biotech Die Cutting includes products from adhesive tabs to splint material, and can include custom die cutting membranes, tapes to a high degree of accuracy.
    •Electronics Die Cutting services are provided to everyone from defense contractors to computer parts suppliers. We are familiar with working with many varieties of metal, carbon-conductive foam, and screen-protective films.
    •Fashion Die Cutting services include the production of pasties, shoe inserts, and even disposable bikinis!
    •Diagnostic Product Die Cutting includes products such as test strips for a variety of substances. We’re proud to work closely with the medical testing industry.
    •Topical Patch Die Cutting is a service that we perform not only for our friends at American Custom Technologies, but for a variety of other topical patch customers as well.

Custom Dies Upon Request

Medical manufacturing die cutting or biotech die cutting tend to require a higher degree of accuracy than does fashion die cutting. At Custom Converting, we recommend dies to our customers based on the application requested and accuracy tolerances required.

    •Steel rule dies offer a die-cutting surface up to 11”x19”, with a tolerance of +/- .01”. The advantages of steel rule die cutting include accuracy, simplicity, and low tooling costs.
    •Precision rotary dies have a tolerance up to +/- .005” and up to a 16” web width. The advantages include speed and uniformity.
    •Class A dies are our most accurate dies, offering accuracy up to +/- .002” with camera registration, and can utilize up to a 12” web width.

Materials For Custom Die Cutting

Custom die cutting can be performed on a wide variety of materials. While we can make stickers or adhesive labels, our converting machinery also allows us to provide custom die cutting solutions for the following materials, and more:

Urethane, Neoprene, Copper foil, Brass foil, Aluminum foil, Titanium foil, Release Liners, Silicone, Felts, Compressed Cellulose, Paper, Felt, Fabric, Plastic Sheeting, PVC, Acetate, Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Velcro; Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Rubber, Etc.

If your desired material isn’t mentioned, just give us a call! We’d be delighted to discuss this with you.

For the specifications and more details, please visit our capabilities page.

When you request a quote, please include:

    •A diagram or drawing of what you’d like custom die-cut (if available)
    •What material would you like us to die cut – will you be supplying this, or shall we?
    •How tight are your tolerances for custom die cutting?
    •Would you like your product kiss-cut or cut all the way through (fully die-cut)?
    •What quantities would you like quoted?

If you would like to learn more, please contact us!

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