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Abrasion Resistance

The ability of a tape to withstand rubbing and still function satisfactorily.

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Accelerated Aging

A means whereby the deterioation of a tape encountered in natural aging may be accelerated and reproduced in the laboratory.

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Accelerated Weathering (aka Weathering)

Exposure in a chamber to ultraviolet light, heat, and water whereby the effect of outdoor exposure on a tape can be approximated.

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Adhesion to Backing

The bond produced to the backing of the same tape or another tape backing.

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Adhesive Deposit or Residue

Adhesive that is pulled away from the tape upon removal and remains on the surface to which it has been applied.

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Adhesive Manufacturers in the US

adhesive manufacturers in the us

Adhesive Manufacturers in the USA

Custom Converting works with adhesive manufacturers in the US to bring you a wide range of adhesive solutions.   We can supply a variety of adhesives, everything from medical to tape and beyond.   Our vendor relationships are long-standing, and we have many contacts with adhesive producers across the United States.  

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Adhesive Transfer

The conveyance of adhesive from its normal position on the tape backing to a surface to which the tape was attached, either during unwind or removal.

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The specific adhesion of a pressure sensitive adhesive to a face material or an anchor coat.

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A relatively thin flexible material to which the adhesive is applied.   Theoretically any material that is reasonably flat, thin, and flexible can be used as a tape backing.

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An occlusive coating applied to the non-pressure sensitive side of a porous backing such as paper in order to provide a satisfactory surface that the pressure sensitive adhesive can contact when the tape is wound into a roll.

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Penetration through the tape of a coloring material (paint, etc.) onto the surface to which the tape is applied.

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Adhesion between the sheets of the plies of rolls of coated material, usually due to extreme conditions of pressure, temperature, or humidity.

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Bursting Strength

The ability of a tape to resist damage when a force is applied evenly and perpendicularly to the surface of a tape.

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The thickness (as of a sheet of paper) measured under specific conditions.

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A webstock that holds a pressure-sensitive adhesive, especially used to refer to double-faced or double-coated tapes.

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Class A Die Cutting

Class A Die Cutting – a process using a male and femaleprecision die set, also known as "compound tooling".This type of tooling will produce the highest quality of cut with the least amount of burrs on the die cuts and the closest tolerances in the industry (+/- .001").

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Coating Weight

The weight of coating per unit area.   In SI-units expressed as grams/square meter. 

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Cohesion (Cohesive Strength, Internal Bond)

The ability of the adhesive to resist shear stress and splitting.   Good cohesion is necessary for clean removal.

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Cold Flow

The tendency of a pressure sensitive adhesive to act as a heavy viscous liquid over long  periods of time.  Such phenomena as oozing and increase in adhesion with time are the result of this characteristic.

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Color Stability

The ability of a tape to retain its original color, particularly when exposed to light.

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