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The slow movement of the adhesive or backing under shear stress.

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Developing a three-dimensional molecular structure in an adhesive normally activated by heat or irradiation.  An improvement in shear resistance, high temperature resistance, and oil or solvent resistance will normally result.

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To alter the properties of an adhesive by chemical reaction, which may be condensation, polymerization, or vulcanization.   Usually accomplished by the action of heat and catalysts, alone or in combination, with or without pressure.

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The tendency of paper by itself or in a laminate to bend or partly wrap around the axis of one of its dimensions.

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A separation or splitting of the tape such as the separation of the backing into two distinct layers, separation between laminations of a tape consisting of more than one backing, separation between filaments and backing of a filament-reinforced tape, or separation of the adhesive from the backing.

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Die Cutting

Die cutting is one of the most popularly requested custom manufacturing services that we offer.   But what does that mean, and how does it work?  Think of it as a cookie cutter.   You can make any shape of cookie you like with the right dieā€¦ or in our case, you can make any shape of your desired material.  Custom Converting is all about fulfilling your requirements.

"Die cutting is used in manufacturing a variety of items by cutting components quickly and efficiently, with the perfect cut every time. In manufacturing processes, large industrial-strength die cutting machines are usually used to speed up the process and withstand the constant pressures of a heavy workload." (

Custom Converting has a number of industrial die cutting machines, set up for steel rule or rotary dies or Class A tooling.   We have die cut everything from plastic to fabric, kraft paper to foam.    This allows us to manufacture parts for electronics, medical devices, fashion, the life-science community, and more. 

If you have a question about our capabilities, or would like to learn more, please contact us at 760-724-0664 or use our convenient online form.

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Dielectric Strength

The measure of the maximum voltage stress that a single layer of tape can withstand before dielectric failure occurs, the test being carried out under prescribed conditions.

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Dimensional Stability

That property of a material that relates to the constancy of its dimensions, particularly in relation to external influences such as moisture or temperature.

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An adhesive application to both sides of a backing.

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Edge Curl

The peeling back or lifting of the outer edge of an applied tape in a curved manner.

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Edge Lift

The tendency for the edge of an adhesive label to lift from a surface to which it has been adhered.

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The extensible property of adhesive films or adhesive interfaces to contract and expand in such a manner as to overcome the differential contraction and expansion rates that the bonded adherends may exhibit.

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An elastic, polymeric substaance, such as natural or synthetic rubber.

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Electrolyte Corrosion Factor

A measure of the tape's corrosive effect on an electrical conductor, particularly copper.   This is particularly important in the selection of tapes for electrical insulation.

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Elongation (Stretch, Ultimate Elongation)

The distance a tape will stretch in the machine or cross direction before breaking under controlled conditions, expressed as a percentage of original length.   Elongation is not necessarily an indication of conformability.

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Any paper, film, fabric, laminate, or foil material suitable for converting into pressure-sensitive material stock.   

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When a tape pulls completely off from the surface to which it is applied and drops off.

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A weakness resulting from stress created by repeated flexing or impact force upon the adhesive-adhered interface.

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Thin, longitudinal yarns or threads of glass, polyester, nylon, or other high-strength materials.

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A condition sometimes occurring during removal of masking tape in which flakes or particles of paint flake away from the tape backing.

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