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A "squeezing out" of the adhesive from under the backing.   Occurrence when a tape is in a roll form causes the edges of the roll to become tacky.

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The ability of a tape to prevent the transmission of light.

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Our Partnership With Inventors

Our partnership with inventors is one of the things that makes Custom Converting unique.   As a custom manufacturer, we’re able to produce and supply a variety of materials and products.   We’ve manufactured everything from disposable bikinis to devices for medical testing.   Our capabilities will make your dreams come alive, which is the true meaning of “custom”.  

Inventors partnering with experts 

Every inventor needs an expert in manufacturing to come alongside them.   You know what you want to make.   We know how to take your ideas and make them happen on the production floor.    Working with materials on a small scale or in development is one thing, working with them on a grand scale is another!    Let us walk alongside you and help you get your product onto the shelves.  We even provide packaging services.   Custom Converting can be your one-stop-solution.

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The release of volatile components under heat or vacuum.

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Pattern Coated

A term that refers to the width and spacing arrangement of strips of adhesive laid down parallel to machine direction and across the width of pressure sensitive stock during its production.

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Peel Adhesion

The force per unity width required to break the bond between a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and the surface to which it has been applied when the tape is peeled back at a controlled angle at a standard rate and condition.

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The softening of an adhesive when exposed to migrating plasticizers or oils.

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Pouching – the process of packaging a product in a multi-layer laminated structure, which can be plastic, foil, or paper with a heat sealable coating on the material.

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Predictable Partnerships in Unpredictable Times

Predictable Partnerships help you navigate unpredictable times.   The last two years have handed everyone in industry a series of curveballs.   Every time we think we’ve conquered the problem at hand, another one comes up.   Pandemics, industry shutdowns, severe weather events, and now war.  

Who do you want at your side?  

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Pressure Sensitive

A term commonly used to designate a distinct category of adhesive tapes and adhesives which in dry form (solvent/water free) are aggressively and permanently tacky at room temperature and that firmly adhere to a variety of dissimilar surfaces upon mere contact, without the need of more than finger or hand pressure.

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Application of a thin layer of adhesive-like material to a backing that serves as a bonding agent between the backing and the final adhesive coat.

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Quality Policy

Custom Converting, Inc. is a custom contract manufacturer.  

We are dedicated to meeting the individual requirements of each Customer, making every part unique to their specifications.

Our goal is to consistently provide our Customers with:

  • Quality Products
  • On-Time Deliveries
  • Overall Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to continually improving our Quality System to achieve our Quality Goals and Objectives.

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Release Force

The measure of the force required to separate a unit width of pressure sensitive tape from a release coated surface at a controlled angle and speed. 

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Release Liner (aka Slip Sheet or Interliner)

A web of sheet material used as a protective liner, which covers the adhesive side of the tape.  It is removed prior to application.  Most frequently found on double-sided tapes and label stocks.

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Rope Stock

A smooth paper made wholly or largely of hemp fiber for tensile strength.

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Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary Die Cutting – the process of using a cylindrical engraved hardened steel tool to cut materials at high speeds and close-tolerance cutting.Many layers of materials can be cut at one time, using different materials and cutting dies in registration to produce your most complex parts.

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Saturation (Impregnation)

Adding materials (saturant) to the backing for improvement of physical properties and resistance to various deleterious environments.

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An adhesive joint that is accomplished by coating both adhered surfaces, and bringing them under pressure; an elastomeric adhesive (cohesive) used on envelope flaps, box closures, etc., whereby the adhesive film will bond only to itself.

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Shear Adhesion

The time required, under specified test conditions (surface area, weight load), to slide a standard area of pressure sensitive tape from a standard flat surface in a direction parallel to the surface.

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Shear Strength After Solvent Immersion

The force required to separate a bond by shear force after immersion in a typical varnish solvent under designated conditions.

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