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Single Faced

A tape to which a pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to only one side of the backing.

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Slitting/Rewindingis a shearing operation that cuts a large roll of material into narrower rolls. There are two types of slitting: log slitting and rewind slitting. In log slitting the roll of material is treated as a whole (the 'log') and one or more slices are taken from it without an unrolling/re-reeling process.

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When the tape tears or breaks into small pieces, either on unwind or on removal from a surface.

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Steel Rule Die Cutting

Steel Rule Die Cutting – the process of using a flat die made with wood and hardened steel rules.This process is best suited for lower quantity orders where raw materials come in sheet form only and thicker materials that can be cut with straight edges (e.g. 2" thick foams).

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Subsequent Adhesion

The force required to remove a unit width of pressure sensitive tape from a standard panel after it has been in contact with a release liner for a given period of time.   This must be compared with the adhesion of the same tape that has  not been in contact with the release liner to determine the degree of loss of adhesion.

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Surface Energy (Surface Wetting Ability)

The measure of surface tension in dynes.  The lower the surface energy of a substrate, the more difficult it becomes for an adhesive or coating to wet out that surface.

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Surface Treating

Any method of treating a polyolefin so as to alter the surface and render it receptive to inks, paints, lacquers, and adhesives, such as chemical, flame and electronic oxidation.

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The property of a pressure sensitive adhesive that allows it to adhere to a surface under very slight pressure.   It is determined by the ability of the adhesive to wet quickly the surface it contacts.

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Tear Resistance

The force required to propagate a tear in a tape in a given direction after the tear has been initiated.

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A sideways sliding of the tape layers, one over another, such that the roll looks like a funnel or a telescope, usually occurring over a period of time.

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Tensile Strength (Breaking Strength)

The force required to break a unit width of tape by controlled pulling on opposite ends of the piece.

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Thickness (caliper, gauge)

The perpendicular distance from one surface of either a tape, backing, or adhesive to the other, usually expressed in mils, thousanths of an inch, or millimeters.  This is usually measured under controlled slight pressure with a special gauge.

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Transfer Tape

A pressure sensitive adhesive unsuppported applied to a two-release coated liner.

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Trust, Communication, Relationship


Trust is a vital part of any business relationship, and it’s that much more important when you’re having your product manufactured remotely.    Why trust Custom Converting?   We have been in the business for decades, and our customers come back to do business with us again and again.   There’s a reason for our longevity and repeat demand.   

We pride ourselves on being honest and forthright.   Is it possible?   We’ll tell you.  Is it not?  We’ll tell you that too.   What’s going to affect your order?   We’ll tell you up front.   You need a custom manufacturer who will give you reliable information, not lead you astray.   This honesty sometimes loses us customer contacts – but only the ones who don’t already do business with us.   Why?  Because the ones who do, know that our honesty is for their benefit. 

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Unwind or Unwind Adhesion

The force required to remove tape from a roll under prescribed conditions.

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Water Penetration Rate (WPR)

The weight of water transmitted through a controlled area of tape under a specified time and conditions.

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Water Vapor Transmission (WVTR)

The weight of water vapor allowed through a controlled area of tape within a specified time period and under allowed conditions.

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Why use a contract manufacturer?

March is asset management month, and using a contract manufacturer is a great way to manage your assets.  There’s no reason for you to invest in seldom-used equipment, storage, or training when you can out-source.

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