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ISO Certification

Most manufacturers have ISO certifications, but what is it?   Why do we do this?  And what’s the process like?

What does an ISO certificate tell you?

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization.   An ISO certificate says that our company maintains a Quality System to a certain standard – a standard set by international experts in the manufacturing space.   Our ISO certification tells our customers that we’re serious about doing things correctly, that we track our goods and services, that we respond to customer complaints, and that we are continuously improving.    It gives you an idea of what to expect.

Why is it good for us?  

Internally, working to ISO standards helps us to speak a common tongue with other manufacturers, whether vendors or customers.   Having the ISO standard gives us a benchmark by which to measure ourselves.   Our continual process of internal audits and checks keeps things from falling through the cracks, whether that’s employee training needs or infrastructure within or without the company.

What does the process look like?   

Over the course of the year, we continually do internal audits of the various departments within our company.   Someone from outside the department comes through and checks the process.   This internal audit is recorded for our annual meeting if everything goes well, but if it doesn’t, it’s addressed right then and there.  Custom Converting is known for its employees working together as a team, and we don’t wait to fix problems!

At the end of the year, we sit down as a company and review all our materials with senior management.   We make goals for the next year, address risks and opportunities, and see where we could continue to improve.   

After our internal meetings are complete, we compile all the data and make an appointment with an external auditor (independent from our own operations) come to our facility and audit how we operate and maintain consistent quality throughout our organization. Our Quality Manager and his assistant spend the day with the auditor, bringing in other employees and management for interviews as requested.   We go over all of the documented information, records,  materials, etc.  The auditor is escorted through our facility while manufacturing and managerial operations are taking place live, and verifies that our quality systems and procedures  actually are being adhered to.   At the end of the day, the auditor makes his recommendations, which the Quality Manager takes back to senior management for review.    If problems are found, we are issued a “Corrective Action Report” by the audit team where we must prove that we have taken the appropriate steps to insure we have corrected any issues and are compliant with our Quality System.  Once all is compliant, we are issued a continuance of our certification.

Assuming all goes well, we update our website with any new certifications and move forward with the year ahead.


Custom Converting is ever-evolving, working to offer you the best converting services possible.   Having an ISO certification offers you the security of knowing what to expect, and it offers us a benchmark to not only meet, but exceed our Quality Management System.    

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