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Steel Rule Die Cutting

Steel Rule Die Cutting – the process of using a flat die made with wood and hardened steel rules.This process is best suited for lower quantity orders where raw materials come in sheet form only and thicker materials that can be cut with straight edges (e.g. 2" thick foams).

Cutting of foams, films, adhesives, paper, fabrics, etc. can be done using steel rule tools.Our equipment has a camera vision system which can hold a .002" tolerance from printed image-to-die cut or die cut-to-die cut.We can also die cut roll-to-roll, roll-to-sheet, sheet-to-sheet, or sheet-to-finished pieces.Die cutting capabilities are up to 11"x 19" area.Tooling costs for this type are much less than rotary or Class A tools.

Rotary Die Cutting
Class A Die Cutting

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